Thursday, December 22, 2016

ʚ Under the Tree ɞ

Happy Holidays from me to you! I hope everyone has a lovely Holiday Season, and a very Happy New Year! This year has brought me many new friends, and made me open my eyes as I lost a few people I was super close to. I Hope to continue to meet new and Interesting people on SL in the New Year, and hopefully (Cross your fingers) start blogging again! I feel like my pictures, and my ability has definitely increased, and I am beginning to be incredibly satisfied with my work. Thank YOU for your follow, and all your continued support! 
Happy Holidays!
♡ Bun ♡

ʚ Candy ♡ Hearts ɞ

 ♡ Made a new friend the other day, and we clicked pretty quick ♡

ʚ Up All Night Waiting ɞ

"He said he was stuck in traffic"

ʚ In This Moment ɞ

First time doing a picture like this, and I think it came out pretty well!
Thanks to my friend Dave for putting up with my shit for this picture xD

ʚ Act On It ɞ

ʚ Just me and these Chickens ɞ

I really like these chickens. 

ʚ A Tale of Fire & Ice ɞ

Spent sometime with this darling little thing today. ♥
(Felt REALLY weird to be a brunette xD)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ʚ Light of A Sunset ɞ

ʚ Icing On Top ɞ

Pandy Continued... 🐼

ʚ Life Is Strange ɞ

Finally got some pictures with Pandy ♡

ʚ Holly ɞ

12 Days until Christmas!

ʚ Vista ɞ

Cyan and I got the Vista Bento Hands today, They're super nice! I love having wiggly fingers! Plus Indulged in Hime*Dream's New Skin! Its so soft and detailed! Love! ♥Q♥

ʚ But first, Let me take a SELFIE ɞ

LOL long ass picture. o(≧▽≦)o

Frame and Table are from Nocciola's new Hime Set at The Kawaii Project!!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

♦ Goofin' around ♦

'Look at dis bitch; smilin' at nothing' - Poppy

Poppy, Bingsu, and I were messing around with some dancers, and I snagged some really cute pictures: Enjoy~ ♥

ʚ Take Flight ɞ

Seriously in love with this head *A*
Head: Catwa - Catya {Bento}
Skin: [PF] - Doll V2 (Crystal)

Extra Pictures:
She's so cute!

ʚ Catya ɞ

Sold my soul to Catwa today lol. This head is so beautiful. 10/10 would recommend!

Head: Catwa - Catya {Bento}
Skin: [PF] - Doll V2 (Crystal)

Saturday, November 5, 2016

ʚ Just Relax! ɞ

ʚ Serenity ɞ

ʚ Deep in Thought ɞ

Im so excited for the fall and winter Seasons, they're my absolute favorite. 

ʚ Blossoms In The Spring ɞ

10/10 for crappy clouds (≧▽≦)

ʚ Maid-chan ɞ

Read Me~! \(≧▽≦)/

Hellur erbody! My name is Miyu, AKA Bunnerz or Bun, and I've been blogging for almost a year now. (Ikr, it doesn't feel that long.)
Well, I seem to have hit a nice big wall. I was really struggling to be happy with not only my blog, but my photography as well.
Even after taking such a long break, it didn't seem like things where any better. So, sadly, for the time being, I wont be blogging.
That's not saying I wont blog at all ever again, because I definitely will. But I'm going to be taking some time to work on my photography and photo composition and editing.
I enjoy taking pictures, and there's no way I'm going to just stop. I've completely refreshed my blog into something new and exciting, so hopefully when I start blogging again, it will continue to lead me into the direction I want to go.
This isn't a hiatus, its....Creative Meditation? Phfft, I don't really know what to call it,
I'm going to be posting more spur of the moment pictures and trying to find out and work on what it is that i don't like about them.
So, please please PLEASE, if you notice or know of anything to help me along in this process or if you have any friendly critique on any of my pictures, do not hesitate to comment or message me directly.
I'm open to help from those more knowledgeable, and any form of advice. Thank you so much for following me, I really appreciate it!

(PS: Huge thank you to Mai and Poppy for helping me out!)

Monday, October 24, 2016

"Pumpkin Party"

Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hair: [Burley] - Audrey
Eyes: + Kawaii Whore + - Siren Sight (Red) // 200 Copies at Limited
Feet: Slink - High
Hands: Slink - Casual

{1} Lashes: //LovelyAlien// - StarryEyelashes
{2} Lashes: VCO - Angie Eyelashes 
Skin: [Pink Fuel] - Doll V2 (Crystal)
Eyeliner: !Corpoeal! - Catwing Liner
Teeth: - .Pekka. Parted Lips

Dress: ALTAIR* - Zepar Dress (Black) // The Kawaii Project
Shoes: + Kawaii Whore + - Scrarlet Heels

Gloves: Sweet Thing. - Derby Gloves
Basket: Sweet Thing. - Trick or Treat Basket

Halloween Party Table & wall Deco: [Blissiere] - Halloween Party Set (Gacha) // Mainstore
Bags: [Blissiere] - Trick or Treat Bags // Mainstore
Bears: [Blissiere] - Scare Bears // twe12ve