Thursday, December 22, 2016

ʚ Under the Tree ɞ

Happy Holidays from me to you! I hope everyone has a lovely Holiday Season, and a very Happy New Year! This year has brought me many new friends, and made me open my eyes as I lost a few people I was super close to. I Hope to continue to meet new and Interesting people on SL in the New Year, and hopefully (Cross your fingers) start blogging again! I feel like my pictures, and my ability has definitely increased, and I am beginning to be incredibly satisfied with my work. Thank YOU for your follow, and all your continued support! 
Happy Holidays!
♡ Bun ♡

ʚ Candy ♡ Hearts ɞ

 ♡ Made a new friend the other day, and we clicked pretty quick ♡

ʚ Up All Night Waiting ɞ

"He said he was stuck in traffic"

ʚ In This Moment ɞ

First time doing a picture like this, and I think it came out pretty well!
Thanks to my friend Dave for putting up with my shit for this picture xD

ʚ Act On It ɞ

ʚ Just me and these Chickens ɞ

I really like these chickens. 

ʚ A Tale of Fire & Ice ɞ

Spent sometime with this darling little thing today. ♥
(Felt REALLY weird to be a brunette xD)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ʚ Light of A Sunset ɞ

ʚ Icing On Top ɞ

Pandy Continued... 🐼

ʚ Life Is Strange ɞ

Finally got some pictures with Pandy ♡

ʚ Holly ɞ

12 Days until Christmas!

ʚ Vista ɞ

Cyan and I got the Vista Bento Hands today, They're super nice! I love having wiggly fingers! Plus Indulged in Hime*Dream's New Skin! Its so soft and detailed! Love! ♥Q♥

ʚ But first, Let me take a SELFIE ɞ

LOL long ass picture. o(≧▽≦)o

Frame and Table are from Nocciola's new Hime Set at The Kawaii Project!!